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Slips for FreeAgent, simple time tracking for Freelancers & Small Businesses


Slips for FreeAgent

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We (Rareloop) have just released our first Mac App via the App Store, it’s an easy to use menu bar timer that keeps track on how long you’re spending on tasks. It’s integrated directly with FreeAgent so re-billing your time couldn’t be easier.

We originally wrote Slips for internal use at Rareloop but after having used it everyday for over a year and seeing how much it’s helped our timetracking we’ve decided to make it publicly available.

If you use a Mac & FreeAgent and need to keep track of your hours, I’d highly recommend taking a look at Slips!

Get Slips now:

  • Christine

    Hi. Just purchased your new app and look forward to using it. The interface is nice, login was easy. It doesn’t seen to be picking up my Active Tasks, though. Seems to be picking up my Completed tasks. How should I work with you to get this corrected? Thanks.

  • Joe Lambert

    Hi Christine, thanks for purchasing Slips & thanks for the positive feedback. Sorry to hear you’re having a few problems. Can you email us on slips at and we’ll do our best to help with the issue.

  • Stephie Daniel

    Great. Time tracking has been the most desirable and immense structure of term to get organized.

    My sort of time tracking software is the one from Replicon –

    What is yours by the way?

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