July 5, 2012 0

Using Android tablets to reduce the cost of large scale surveying


Gamos App

Rareloop teamed up with Gamos to deliver a powerful Android based digital survey for the highly respected UK NGO, Tearfund. Gamos have over 20 years experience providing research and detailed evaluation/analysis to the development sector. Given the enormous amounts of data collected and the complex statistical analysis required, partnering with Gamos ensured that both the right technical & research expertise were available to deliver on the project’s needs.

We’ve done work using Android tablets to perform surveys before, but never to this scale. Its also great to get the opportunity to work with NGO’s & know that, even in a small non-direct way, our skill sets can help make a difference.

Head on over to the Rareloop website for more information on the project and our technology platform.

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