April 22, 2012 9

Flux Slider wins third place in Mozilla’s March Dev Derby


Dev Derby 3rd Place

Flux Slider has placed third in Mozilla’s March Dev Derby, which was all about CSS 3D Transforms! The quality of the competition was incredibly high so its a real honour to place in the top three.

You can see my demo here, but its also really worth checking out some of the other submissions.

Flux is also a ‘Featured Demo‘ at the moment!

Thanks again to the incredible Nick La for letting me use his awesome illustrations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1651818972 Twisty Rillo

    Good for you Joe. I checked out the Flux earlier this year and I thought itwas definitely one of the best around if not the. Congrats

  • Piet

    Many congrats Joe, you totally deserve it!

  • Ganesh Prabu

    congrats .nice job…..

  • gregoryth

    Joe, I was able to make a responsive version of Flux Slider. The only transition that appears to have a small glitch at some sizes is the page turn. At some sizes it will have a 1px space between the left and right half of the image. I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a solution for this.

    Here is the responsive version. Resize the page to see the slider resize. http://greghoustondesign.com/sandbox/flux-slider/demo_transition_gallery.html

  • gregoryth

    Actually, warp and concentric might be a bit off at smaller sizes as well. Maybe they need background-size set?

  • gregoryth

    Ended up having to set the background-size on each of the transition elements separately but they’re all resizing correctly now including concentric and its variation, warp.

  • http://www.joelambert.co.uk Joe Lambert

    Very cool! Do you have this in a GitHub fork so I could take a better look at the code and maybe see about merging the changes into the master?

  • gregoryth
  • Mohammed

    Thanks a lot for your slider but how can i make the image width responsive ?? thanks for your effort