March 21, 2012 3

MozHacks Dev Derby Demo: 3D Image Transitions


Mozilla Dev Derby

This months Mozilla Dev Derby is focussing on 3D Transforms, which was a great excuse to knock up a little demo using Flux Slider.

Checkout the demo here: 3D Image Transitions

This demo shows off the standard 3D transitions of the library but also contains a new transition called explode which will be available in the next release of Flux.

A massive thanks to Nick La for allowing me to use a couple of his desktop illustrations in the demo!

  • Piet

    Very nicely done Joe! I especially like the Tile and the Explode transitions.

  • Joe Lambert

    Thanks Piet, hope all is well with you.

  • Hyung

    Hi! Great work! Is there a way to add dynamic contents to the tile effect?