February 13, 2012 8

Flux Slider v1.4.3 Released


Flux Slider v1.4.3

Version 1.4.3 of the Flux Slider JavaScript library is now available. This release add’s support for FireFox 10′s new implementation of 3D transforms1.

View Transition Gallery | Download @ GitHub

Change Log (v1.4.3)

  • Fixed feature detect code for Firefox 10+.
  • 3D transitions now mostly work with Firefox 10+.
  • Reverted to setInterval for play loop better timing.
  • Fixed a few syntax issues with JSLint.
  • Fixed a bug with the jQuery Widget that prevented isPlaying from working.
  • Added getImages function to the jQuery Widget.
  1. There are a couple of peculiarities with the FireFox implementation which I’ve discussed in this post []
  • Vo

    Hello, I  need your help,  please, show example how to use play control functions.

    example code





    $(document).ready(function() {     $(‘.slider’).each(             function(){             window.myFlux = $(this).flux({             autoplay: true,             pagination: false                     });     }); });        


    How to use flux play controls stop() and start() with jQuery or java script for it ?

    Many thanks            

  • Vo

    I resolved it by myself. Here is example of delay 1 second  between start sliders on page





    $(document).ready(function() {            $(‘.slider’).each(            function(){            window.myFlux = $(this).flux({            autoplay: false,            pagination: false                    });                });                            i=1000;    $(‘.slider’).each(function(){ $(this).delay(i).queue(function(){  $(this).flux(‘start’);  $(this).dequeue(); });          i=i+1000;        });    });        =====================================================

  • http://www.joelambert.co.uk Joe Lambert

    Glad you got it sorted

  • Lee Fogarty

    Hi Joe,

    Although this doesn’t work in IE, I am happy to have IE just switch slides (as it does).

    In the JS you have some console.log stuff that stops the gallery working in IE7/8 – just thought I would let you know as my client is a happy bunny now that I’ve got it working :)

  • http://www.joelambert.co.uk Joe Lambert

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll put up a patch this week when I get chance.

  • Hyung

    Hi! I’m trying to add the tile flip transition on a html content. Would you be able to do it with the flux slider? Thanks! Hyung

  • http://www.joelambert.co.uk Joe Lambert

    Flux only works with image data, so it won’t work if you put custom HTML content into the panels I’m afraid.

  • Gyula Orosz


    Is it possible, that we could talk together. I’m a Newbie and my problem is, the captions aren’t shown. also controls and pagination. Maybe you can help me. I have to use Drupal 7 I’ve included your flux.js and flux.min.js. I’ve transfered the folder to folder modules as you wrote. What can I do.

    Best regards