December 6, 2011 2

.net Mag: Create a page turn effect with CSS3


Net mag

The January edition of .net mag is out now in both print and digital formats.

This month features a tutorial I wrote demonstrating how to create a page turn effect (like the one found in the Flux Slider) using just CSS3 and JavaScript.

Create a page turn effect with CSS3

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a stunning Page Turn effect using the latest in CSS3 transforms and transitions. This effect is a great way to enhance a portfolio image gallery.

There is also a full working example of the finished code which is pretty heavily commented to help you modify the effect for your own needs.

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  • Bmonteirog


    I’ve bought the printed magazine here in Brazil and was following your page flip tutorial, but, something went wrong somewhere. Where I can find the ‘full working example’?

  • Joe Lambert

    Hi, you can download the assets in the tutorial from:

    Hope that helps!