December 5, 2011 0

Rareloop Website Launched


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The revamped Rareloop website is now live and we’ve spent a fair bit of time writing up a couple of recent projects as case studies of our work. Here’s a brief overview of what is currently on the site but do head on over and read the full articles.

MiHope – Using Android tablets to survey HIV suffers in sub saharan Africa


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Rareloop created an easy-to-use survey deployed on a number of ASUS Transformer tablet devices. The application is being used at a number of key points during the project lifecycle to monitor the progress, and hopefully improvement, in the quality of life and access to the much needed medial care of members of rural communities in the two African countries.

Catch Before a Fall – Using iPads to assess patient’s 10 year risk of osteoporotic fracture


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Rareloop were approached to create an application that could help GP’s better identify patients who were at risk of suffering an osteoporotic bone fracture. The patients would answer a series of questions about various known risk factors (e.g. medical history, medication) and based on their answers a risk percentage would be given of suffering from a fracture in the next ten years. Other criteria such as the patients BMI would also need to be calculated to get a more accurate risk assessment.

About Rareloop

Rareloop have built applications, developed websites and hosted products for companies and individuals all over the UK. We have developed iOS and Android applications for national and international clients including the Health Service, NGOs, conferences and recruitment agencies.

Rareloop is a relative new company but we’re growing rapidly thanks to our wealth of knowledge in mobile technologies, web and app development & HTML5 and JavaScript. If you’d like to talk to us about a project, hire us for freelance work or discuss some training please don’t hesitate to get in contact.