November 8, 2011 0

iOS5 Reminders Wish List


One of my favourite additions to iOS5 is Reminders. As a long time Things user I’m surprised that such a simple app can have almost over night replaced my long standing tool of choice. Whilst I think part of its appeal is its simplicity, it can’t hurt to think of some new ways in which the app could be improved.

Here’s my shortlist of new queries I’d love to see possible in future iOS updates. Some of these might overlap in part with what ‘Find My Friends’ can/ought to do but I’m not attempting to describe how I think these ideas ought to be implemented, just the kind of notifications I’d like to be possible:

Notify me when Jane leaves work

You can get notified when you leave a location & you can find out where you’re friends are. It would be really useful in some situations to be able to be notified when someone else leaves there current location.

Notify Jane when I leave home

This is sort of the reverse of the query above, putting the responsibility on you to setup the notification rather than the recipient.

Notify me 20 minutes after I get home

I’ve used the geo-location reminders a lot and its often to do something on my return to home. The problem is that the moment I walk in the door is often not the optimal time for me to do the task I’m being reminded of. I’d like to see an option to delay the notification by a given time after you’ve arrived at a destination.

Notify me I return to my current location

I’ve not tested this one yet and so it may already work this way but I’d like to be able to set a reminder to do something on my return to a current location. For example if I’m sat in the office but need to go out for a meeting offsite I may want to set a reminder before leaving to send off an email on my return.