October 31, 2011 1

Flux Slider WordPress plugin v1.3.1 released


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Version 1.3.1 of the Flux Slider WordPress plugin is now available for download. Existing customers will have been notified by email and will be provided with a new download link.

Download Flux Slider WordPress plugin v1.2

Please note the special introductory pricing will only last another month. If you’d like to get hold of the Flux Slider WordPress plugin at the discounted rate please order before December 1st.

Whats new

Added caption support

You can now show a caption for each image in the slideshow. For sliders created with uploaded images this can be added manually, when using Featured Images from blog posts the title of the article is automatically used.

Featured images now link to blog posts

When using Featured Images, each image now becomes a link to the original blog post so that you can create stunning ‘recent blog posts’ carousels.

Updates and bug fixes

  • Move delay option inline with the autoplay option to improve usability
  • Updated flux.js to v1.4.1 which fixes a couple of small issues with the latest release of Firefox
  • Offered a fallback for lack of jQuery.data() support when used with old versions of jQuery
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