August 19, 2011 8

Flux Slider WordPress Plugin v1.1 Released


Transition Preview Gallery

The Flux Slider WordPress plugin has now reached v1.1. There have been quite a few small/edge case bug fixes since the initial release but the most exciting thing about this new version is the Transition Preview Panel! Read on for more details and a full list of changes.

Transition Preview Panel

New to v1.1 is the Transition Preview Panel, this allows you to preview all the available image transitions from within the admin panel at the time you’re creating your slider! Whats more, there are also some helpful presets setup to help you pick curated lists of transitions, such as ’3d only’ or ’2d only’ effects. The preview panel really improves the overall workflow from the initial release, making it even easier and quicker to make your perfect slider.

My thanks to Angela Ward Brown for letting me use a couple of her images for the Preview Panel.

Download Flux Slider WordPress plugin

Full change log

v1.1 (19/08/11)

  • Added more help text to the edit page
  • Added the transition gallery to the transition selection to enable previewing
  • Added links to quickly ‘Select All’, ‘Select None’, ‘Select 3D Only’ & ‘Select 2D Only’ transitions
  • Reordered the edit page so that its information, then images, then transitions which has a more logical flow
  • Added a nav bar to the top of the edit page to quickly jump to the correct section
  • Added ‘back to top’ links to quickly jump to the top of the page

v1.0.2 (16/08/11)

  • Added support for servers that don’t have quicktags enabled

v1.0.1 (12/08/11)

  • Corrected the error message for error creating folders.
  • Corrected a bug where the image path wouldn’t be generated correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the reading of the config JSON under certain server setups
  • 256studio

    I think that this is a great gallery slider. Any chance to have it pull images from a facebook gallery?

  • Joe Lambert

    Thats an interesting idea, its not currently on the roadmap for the plugin but I’ll give it some thought for a future version.

  • Adam

    Will the slider auto-crop / resize images? Can you include YouTube videos?

  • Joe Lambert

    Hi Adam, the plugin does auto resize/crops the images you upload so they fit the slider you’re creating.

    Flux only supports images so I’m afraid it doesn’t do YouTube videos.

  • Adam

    Too bad about the video functionality. I’m glad it crops/resizes images. Thanks, Joe!

  • Rich Ferguson

    Joe, I would like to link the images to unique URLs without hand coding. Are you thinking about adding that functionality? Great plug-in by the way. 

  • Joe Lambert

    Hi Rich,

    The ability to link images to URLs is now possible in the Javascript library that the plugin uses (Flux.js) so I’m currently working out how the admin UI will work to make this as intuitive as possible.

    I anticipate that this feature will be in the point release after next (v1.3).

    v1.2 will bring support for using featured images/post thumbnails as an alternative image source. This feature will enable links to the original posts, so if this is your usecase then you should be able to do this a bit earlier.

    Hope that helps

  • Rich Ferguson

    Joe, thank you. Great response and really nice plug-in!