August 11, 2011 7

Flux Slider WordPress Plugin Screencast/Video


I’ve just updated the Flux Slider WordPress Plugin website with a short screencast showing how to use the plugin.

Give the video a watch and then download the plugin to add some CSS3 image transition goodness to your WordPress powered website!

Update (2011/05/22)
Updated the video to show off the new features in v1.1 of the plugin

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  • Jussi Sivonen

    Smooth and very user-friendly!

  • Joe Lambert

    Thanks Jussi!

  • Gilbert Pellegrom

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that looks way to close to the Nivo Slider WordPress plugin to be classed as “inspiration”. It’s even priced the same.

    Not impressed.

  • Joe Lambert

    Sorry you feel that way, the Nivo plugin (which I don’t currently own but do plan to purchase) is a great plugin!

    I’ll grant you, there are similarities. Most of which are due to the default WordPress templates/styles/workflow.

    Best of luck with the plugin, I understand it is selling really well!

  • Stacie

    Hi Joe.. just purchased your slider. How do I embed this into the wordpress theme?

  • Joe Lambert

    Hi Stacie, I’ll drop you an email as I suspect it will be quicker to resolve your question