August 10, 2011 2

Flux Slider WordPress Plugin Released


Flux WordPress

Announcing the brand new official Flux Slider plugin for WordPress! The plugin gives you all the stunning CSS transitions of Flux, coupled with an intuitive admin interface for quickly creating new sliders.

Head on over to the new Flux Slider WordPress plugin page to download or read on for more information.

Download Flux Slider WordPress plugin


Here’s a slider using the demo images from the main Flux website created using the plugin:


For this demo I’ve turned off autoplay and the pagination controls but turned on the next/previous buttons.

Update (11/08/2011) Here’s a short screencast demonstrating how easy it is to use the plugin to create fantastic image sliders.


The Flux WordPress plugin comes bundled with the very latest version of flux.js in addition it has a custom admin interface to make it really simple to create stunning image sliders. Here are some of the features available in v1.0:

  • 12 Hardware accelerated image transitions (7 2D & 5 3D) see demonstration
  • Simple image upload with drag & drop re-ordering
  • Automatic image resize & cropping
  • Unlimited number of sliders
  • Full control over sliders dimensions
  • Toggle pagination controls on/off
  • Toggle previous/next controls on/off
  • Toggle autoplay on/off


The plugin requires at least WordPress v3.1.0 running on a server with PHP5 and the GD library installed. PHP5/GD are fairly typical and are available on most hosting packages.

The normal requirements for viewing the sliders created with Flux still apply. Browsers without CSS3 transition support will however degrade gracefully to simple image swapping.

Installation & Setup

To install the plugin, first head on over to the Flux WordPress site and purchase a license, then:

  • Login to your WordPress Admin section.
  • Click “Plugins” from the sidebar menu.
  • Click “Add New” from the sidebar sub menu that appears under “Plugins”.
  • Towards the top of the main section should be a series of options, click on “Upload”.
  • Upload the original file that you downloaded.
  • Activate the plugin as normal.


I’m still building up a list of FAQ, so if you have any questions please head on over to the Support Forum and leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    best slider i’ve seen in ages. I owe you beer once you’re in my location

  • Joe Lambert

    Thanks, drop me a link if you use the plugin on a site