April 19, 2011 0

BlackBerry PlayBook: The HTML5 Developer Scorecard (via Sencha)


Overall the BlackBerry PlayBook browser is a great implementation of WebKit on mobile. We found that we had no trouble using it to access most websites and when we put it through a bevy of HTML5/CSS3 tests the results were highly positive. For any developer building for the mobile web, the PlayBook provide a great technical platform on which to build rich experiences using HTML5 and CSS3. The only downside was that we experienced a number of browser crashes during our testing – even when we were not stressing anything bleeding edge. But since we tested without the final update from RIM, perhaps these stability issues have been addressed.

via BlackBerry PlayBook: The HTML5 Developer Scorecard | Sencha.

Another thorough tablet testing from the Sencha Team, this time around its the Blackberry Playbook. Last week it received largely poor reviews from the Tech press (Engadget, David PogueMG Siegler) but this is the review I’ve been waiting for.

So how does the Playbook measure up for HTML5 webapps? Apparently pretty well:

We put our BlackBerry PlayBook through the gauntlet, and while it is occasionally rough around the edges, it’s pretty awesome. The PlayBook has an advanced HTML5 mobile browser and it stands up to the best of its competition as a great web app platform.

Seems like the Playbook’s browser is a well executed Mobile Webkit implementation with good support for hardware accelerated CSS3. Its just a shame that almost everything else about the Playbook seems to lacking, or unfinished!